Thursday, June 12, 2014

narrowing the field

When I broached the subject about changing careers with my husband - he said I can do anything I want as long as I don't open an Etsy shop...

What's wrong with an Etsy shop???

He hit a nerve! One of my fantasies is just that - to open an Etsy shop and sell hand knitted items.  I have been thinking about this in the back of my mind every since I realized that Etsy is a thing. 

I learned to knit from my aunt growing up in Maine and have since gone through phases of constant knitting (months at a time) to years of not touching a needle.  It can be really rewarding to finish a project and give it away as a gift - and it can be really tedious to finish a project that you realize at the end doesn't fit right and needs to be completely pulled apart to start all over again. 

I have a vision of knitting every night once the kids go to bed and selling the handcrafted items the next day for a profit, smiling the whole time and enjoying every aspect of running my own business.  Practically speaking I know this will not be a good second career for me. 

Knitting is TIME CONSUMING and choosing the right yarn and patterns that people will be willing to buy is an art.  On top of that charging for your labor is a sensitive topic - most people do not want to pay the premium for a handmade product and would choose the cheaper machine made knitted item.  (heck - I would too!)

With all that being said - opening an Etsy shop is a nice dream, but not a real option when it comes to making a change.  I can see why my husband would ban that as an option.  In his mind it is probably worse than laying on the couch all day watching reality TV.  At least while watching TV - I wouldn't be spending lot's of money on expensive yarn and supplies. 

I guess I will reserve my Etsy dream to just browsing and buying from other artists.  What about you - would you ever open an Etsy shop?


  1. I imagine opening an Etsy shop when my son is out of the house and I am happily retired. Otherwise I don't think I could sacrifice the time or money it would take to be an Etsy shop owner. I have to admit that I also lack the confidence to open one now. I constantly see the flaws in my sewing and even though my friends tell me they would by my work Im not so sure someone who didn't know me would.

  2. I feel the same way - I think you could test the water with opening a shop as a side hustle on top of working full time - but that is a huge commitment too :) is there a name for when you buy stuff from your friends.... fropping? fruying? regardless - I would also buy something from you!