About Me

I've heard that to become an international expert in any field you just need to read one hour per day for the next seven years.

I have been pondering this thought for the last six months or so trying to decide what topic I would choose.  It sounds like a great plan - and easy enough to implement.  I can definitely devote an hour a day to reading up on something interesting.  The problem is, I know before I even come remotely close to narrowing down my focus, that it won't last.  I can imagine a life of studying just one subject.  I am curious, nosy, competitive, impatient, and my eyes are bigger than my stomach.  I could name right now ten completely different subjects that I would like to become an expert in.  Do the math - that's seventy years of focus.  I know going down that road is not going to happen - I just don't have the patience for it.

What's the next logical step?  Bring to life my efforts to learn more and do more.  I am excited to share my experiences with the world and hopefully in turn learn more than I ever could by reading for just one hour a day. 

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