Tuesday, June 17, 2014

split personalities

I feel like two different people - I have a creative side fighting with a very analytical corporate side of my personality.  This becomes a fight because there are very few careers that meld those two things together. 

Last week I discussed one of the ways I could express my creativity with a career move.  My next option is quite a bit more practical.  I am considering being an accountant.  I have just finished up my first year in an evening MBA program and the first semester was all about Accounting (financial and managerial.)  I really enjoyed the challenge and working with numbers which was a surprise for me.  I haven't had this much fun in a math class since AP Calculus in high school.  (Yes I was a total nerd in high school - I was also the layout editor of the yearbook and the lighting person in stage crew to round out my nerdiness.)

Pros of accounting: I think the work could be fun and interesting.  I would learn more about financial statements, taxes, and how this information effects stock prices.  I would be able to see through all the fine print - like an investigator flushing out all the details of a new case.  I would clearly be a hit at all the parties.  I love the accounting jokes on Parks and Recreation.

Cons: Lose the flexibility I have in my job today.  I would have to wake up - get dressed - commute to work at an office and be stuck their until the end of the day, every day.   I have been very lucky to work from home since 2009 and I am grateful for the flexibility that comes with a home office.

While I ended my last post with the decision NOT to open an Etsy shop; being an accountant is still on the table for me.  What would you do?  Would you ever consider a career in Accounting?


  1. Ummm no. Do you remember my tales of accounting class in school? Not my strong suit. Plus it interferes with snowboard season (Jan-April) :)

  2. snowboarding!! you could be a snowboard instructor. that would be such a great way to spend the winter. I would sign up for a lesson with you as long as you could put up with my *super basic* skills. :)